A gift

An unique souvenir will help to make your event more memorable. Candy Bar is able to create fancy and delicious souvenirs for your guests to feel your warm hospitality.

Special Events

Share your joy with your guests in a dedicated event! We can cater to weddings, birthdays, parties, corporate events and school celebrations. Let us add fun to your event with our sculpted candy floss and we look forward to serving you!

Candy Bar Decoration

Coming Soon !!

of Candy Floss


Our Candy Floss

We stand by our motto of creating sweet memories and value the importance of providing an unique experience for all of our clients.
We also possess strong capabilities to customize our solutions according to your needs.

You can customize :
- Lovely Cartoons of cotton candy
- Choice of colours and flavours of cotton candy
- Customized banners printing for all events
# Note: Our Emoji of cotton candy is custom made with seaweeds and glutinous rice paper. It is safe for consumption.

Right to your door!

Creating Sweet Memories

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